March 8th – March 18th

Meetings in the HDSID: The HDSID will hold a meeting regarding limiting vehicle access on the Pedestrian Mall on Tuesday, March 13 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM in the Caucus Room at City Hall. The discussion will center on limiting vehicle access and safety measures for Newark Avenue. All are welcome! The HDSID monthly meeting is scheduled for … Continue reading March 8th – March 18th


February 27 – March 7

It's March! Well, it's almost March and we are inching closer and closer to spring time! But as we've come to expect from this unpredictable weather, don't put your sweaters and boots away just yet. Even though the weather is frightful (well, some days out of the week) downtown Jersey City has many events coming … Continue reading February 27 – March 7